Open Day at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Open Day at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Sep 02, 2023
Tweede Schinkelstraat 26
Free (registration required)

Are you interested in learning a new language? Would you like to have the opportunity to meet the teachers at Taalhuis, learn more about the school and language courses, and follow a trial lesson? Taalhuis invites you to the Taalhuis Open Day on Saturday, September 2, at Tweede Schinkelstraat 26!

Don't miss the Open Day at Taalhuis Amsterdam

During the open day, you’ll have the chance to join trial lessons for various languages and attend intake sessions to determine your language proficiency level before signing up for a course. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore your language learning options and make an informed choice.

Trial lessons and intake sessions are completely free and you can join as many sessions as you want! During the day, you’ll also have the chance to delve deeper into cultures at the culture market and, in the evening, further practice the languages you are learning during the language borrel.

Mark September 2 in your calendar and stay tuned for the full schedule and updates!

Would you like to learn a new language? At Taalhuis Amsterdam you can learn Dutch and (almost all) languages from the Mediterranean Sea. In September, all kinds of language courses will start again (Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Hebrew, English, Catalan and Latin)!

Come to the Open Day on September 2

Taalhuis Amsterdam would be delighted to welcome you to their school! On Saturday, September 2, between 11am and 6pm, the school at Tweede Schinkelstraat 26 will be open for anyone who’d like to stop by to meet the teachers or take trial lessons. 

For the trial lessons there’s a maximum number of seats available for each session, so please register using the form on the Taalhuis website to secure your seat. Taalhuis Amsterdam will contact you a few days before the Open Day to provide you with further details of your trial lesson(s).

Open Days at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Open Day programme

Here's the programme of the Open Day:


  • 11.30am-12pm - All about Taalhuis by Myrte
  • 11.30am-5pm - Trial lessons and intakes at Tweede Schinkelstraat 26
  • 12pm-5pm - Mediterranean Market
  • 5.30pm-8.30pm - Back to school borrel


  • 11.30am-12pm - Hebrew for kids with Dor
  • 11.30am-12pm - Turkish for kids with Yüsra


  • 12pm-12.30pm - All about Dutch courses with Lieke
  • 12.30pm-1pm - Dutch A1.1 (beginners) with Una
  • 1pm-1.30pm - Dutch B1.1 with Una 
  • 1.30pm-2pm - Dutch  A2-B1 storytelling & conversation with Elianne 
  • 2pm-2.30pm - Dutch B2-C1 conversation with Elianne
  • 3.30pm-4pm - Dutch B1-B2 conversation with Emma
  • 12.30pm-3.30pm - Intakes


  • 12pm-12.30pm - All about Italian courses with Marzia
  • 12.30pm-1pm - Italian A1.1 (beginners)
  • 1pm-1.30pm - Italian A2-B1 conversation
  • 1.30pm-2pm - Italia Oggi B2+
  • 2pm-2.30pm - Bookclub B1-C1 with Marzia
  • 12.30pm-4pm - Intakes


  • 12pm-12.30pm - Hebrew A1.1 (beginners) with Dor
  • 12.30pm-1pm - Intake


  • 2pm-2.30pm - Farsi A1.1 (beginners) with Niloufar
  • 2.30pm-3pm - Intake


  • 3pm-3.30pm - Arabic A1.1 (beginners) with Heba
  • 3.30pm-4pm - Intake


  • 3.30pm-4pm - All about Greek courses with Myrte
  • 4pm-4.30pm - Greek A1.1 (beginners) with Myrte
  • 4.30pm-5pm - Intake


  • 4pm-4.30pm - Turkish A1.1 (beginners) with Filiz
  • 4.30pm-5pm - Intake


  • 4pm-4.30pm - Spanish A1.1 (beginners) with Alberto
  • 4.30pm-5pm - Intake


  • 4pm-4.30pm - French A1.1 (beginners) with Charlotte
  • 4.30pm-5pm - Intake

Level assessment for non-beginners

Are you a non-beginner, and unsure what your exact level is? You can register for a personal intake with a teacher for a level assessment, on the Open Day – or any other time that suits you! It will take approximately 15-20 minutes and take place on location or online via Zoom. Please fill in the form on the Taalhuis website and Taalhuis will contact you to arrange a date.

Can't make it to the open day?

Can’t make it to the Open Day? Don't worry, you can always contact Taalhuis Amsterdam for your own personal intake session. Send them an email at, also if you have other questions!

About Taalhuis Amsterdam

Taalhuis Amsterdam is a house for languages, located in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can learn and improve your Dutch and Mediterranean languages, together with a team of language lovers who have a thrill for text, literature, grammar, culture and delicious coffee. Taalhuis offers group training, private training and tailored in-company workshops, as well as various text and interpreting services.

The Taalhuis team believes that learning a language is more than just books, vocabulary and grammar. They therefore teach in small groups, with as little level difference as possible, creating a safe and “gezellige” atmosphere for all students. The classes are mostly taught in the target language with books in the target language with a communicative approach. Class time is primarily used to train your speaking skills.

Taalhuis also believes that language and culture go hand in hand, so also organises events outside the classroom. Follow Taalhuis on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date and know more about new courses, events and the school in general!