One Day Yoga Retreat at Spa Zuiver

One Day Yoga Retreat at Spa Zuiver

Nov 24, 2019
9.30am -6pm
Spa Zuiver, Koenenkade 8, 1081 KH
89 euros-99 euros (includes spa entrance fee)

This fourth edition of the One Day Retreat at Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam is organised for you to open your heart! At the retreat, you will be introduced to mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

About the One Day Yoga Retreat

Autumn in the Netherlands is here and it is now time for reflection: a nice moment to open your heart and make room for compassion. Would you like to receive some extra tools during this process? Then the One Day Yoga Retreat will be something for you.

This retreat takes place on Sunday, November 24, 2019, near Amsterdam Forest (Amsterdamse Bos). After this inspiring day, you will walk outside with an open heart, living with more love for yourself and the world around you.

One Day Yoga Retreat programme

The One Day Yoga Retreat programme includes four inspiring elements:

1. Heartfulness - a mindfulness workshop by Leonie Stekelenburg

This workshop opens your heart so you will feel more kindness and indulgence. Life is busy and your to-do list never seems complete. Do you recognise this? Deep within, you know that success at work or a perfect body is not the real way to be happy. It is about love for yourself and the people around you.

For years, Leonie, one of the founders of Mindfulbizz in Zuidas, has been longing to live and work from her heart. Leonie was taught by the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, John Kabat Zinn.

Amsterdamse Bos Amsterdam Forest

2. A Happy Heart - an interactive meditation workshop by Rosalinda Weel

Rosalinda is a Dutch author of several books about happiness, inner peace and personal development. She is also a meditation teacher. During the One Day Retreat, Rosalinda, trained by Deepak Chopra himself, will share valuable insights about living with an open heart.

3. Hatha Yoga - all levels by Myrthe Brinkmeijer

This yoga class suits all levels and will share some heart openers. Make space for your beautiful qualities and empower your own strength. Hatha is the mildest form of yoga and also includes relaxation moments. 

Myrthe is a yoga teacher and personal trainer at State of Yoga and at Spa Zuiver Amsterdam.

One Day Yoga Retreat at Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam

4. Forest Walk

Did you know that Amsterdam has a beautiful forest, the Amsterdamse Bos, just 15 minutes from Amsterdam central station by bike or tram? You will be invited to enjoy some fresh air during a forest walk and discover beautiful sights in nature after your heart has been opened. 

Lunch at One Day Yoga Retreat

A healthy lunch, snacks and drinks will be taken care of at One Day Yoga Retreat!

One Day Retreat Spa Zuiver Food

Get your tickets now

Get your tickets online and find out more about the event on the One Day Yoga Retreat event page.

There will be free parking on Sunday next to A4/A10, one minute from Spa Zuiver. For participants arriving by public transportation, the metro and tram stops are a 10-minute walk away.

The partner of this event is Lululemon yoga and athletic sportswear. You can find Lululemon where the yoga is, on a run, in a studio or at the gym and of course on a bike!


One Day Retreat Spa Zuiver