OnBrand Conference Amsterdam

OnBrand Conference Amsterdam

Oct 11, 2018
SugarCity, (De Suikerfabriek) Kristalpromenade 7, 1165 PD

OnBrand Conference Amsterdam


The annual OnBrand Conference is Europe’s foremost event for marketing and branding where industry experts join and discuss, network and learn together.

OnBrand branding event

OnBrand '18 is a branding event that will take place in the famous SugarCity (Suikerfabriek). Successful industry experts will be sharing the secrets of the trade in panel discussions and lectures.

Branding is becoming more and more essential in the digital age, and it is constantly changing. OnBrand aims to get the discussion on this subject flowing, and make sure that businesses and entrepreneurs get the opportunity to take optimal advantage of the concept.

More than 500 marketing professionals are expected to attend the event to gain cutting-edge marketing insights from key industry leaders, brand managers and designers. Do you want to be a part of this exclusive marketing opportunity? Get your OnBrand tickets now.

Speakers at OnBrand '18

More than 20 thought leaders from NASA, The New York Times, Google and more will be presenting their stories. Main speakers include:

  • Emanuele Madeddu: Executive Vice President of Global Brand Strategy at National Geographic
  • Satrick Stal: Head of Marketing EMEA at Uber
  • Dave Gerhardt: VP of Marketing at Drift
  • Amy Brown: Head of Planning at Iris Amsterdam
  • Emilie Tabor: Founding Partner & CMO at IMA
  • Max Amordeluso: EU Lead Evangelist Alexa at Alazon
  • Lisa Hogg: Marketing Director EMEA at TOMS
  • Sancar Sahin: Marketing Director at Typeform
  • Kerrich Finch: Founder & CEO at FinchForm
  • Emily Hinks: Founder & CEO at Mischief Makers
  • Kristin Cardwell: VP of International Strategy and Business Development at Refinery 29
  • David Arnouz: Head of Growth at Growth Tribe
  • Alan Sylvain: Founder & CEO at Sylvain Labs
  • Ally Stuart: Managing Director at Sharethrough
  • Tash Willcocks: Head of School at Hyper Island
  • Ben Donkor: Director of Research and Insights at We Are Social

Four main stages

Talks, workshops and more will cover every topic in branding, from tech to creativity and strategy. The four main stages are:

  • Brand Universe - here you will find some of the biggest brands on the planet sharing their branding insights, expertise and inspiration.
  • Cosmic Innovation - the one place for everything tech. Discover how brands can keep up with the latest technological innovations to create unique brand experiences.
  • Galactic Inspiration - here you will hear from brands on a mission to change the world.
  • Lunar Creativity - a whole stage dedicated to innovative and original ideas.


Onbrand '18 is hosted by Bynder, an award-winning marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents, graphics and videos.