Noorderkerk Open Day

Noorderkerk Open Day

Apr 15, 2023Apr 16, 2023
Noordermarkt 44, 1015 NA

This April 15, 2023, attend the Noorderkerk Open Day to celebrate 400 years of the inauguration of the church.

The history of Amsterdam's Noorderkerk

Noorderkerk is a 17th-century Protestant church in Amsterdam, and the name directly translates as "Northern Church”. It is in the middle of the Jordaan area - a prominent district of Amsterdam - and it sits on the edge of the city's iconic canal belt. The building was built in 1623 with the first sermon being held on April 15, 1623, and it was designed by Hendrick de Keyser.

The Noorderkerk was one of the first churches to be built after the Reformation in the Netherlands, and the architecture has been continuously restored at the end of the 20th century. Today, the church serves the community with sermons, activities, concerts, and much more.

400 years of Noorderkerk

To celebrate 400 years since the church’s first sermon, the Noorderkerk is celebrating with an Open Day. On April 15, the church will host an organ concert with Jordanian songs by the Zwanenkoor, and then a classical concert in the evening. For families with children, there will be games for kids, a tour of the church, snacks, and more! On April 16, there will be a special service where all current, previous, and new church members are welcome.

Attending the Noorderkerk Open Day

If you want to attend this special occasion, head over to the official Noorderkerk website for more information about the church, activities, and the registration link for the open day.