Night of the Refugee charity walk

Night of the Refugee charity walk

Jun 15, 2024Jun 16, 2024
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Night of the Refugee (Nacht van de Vluchtelingen) is a charity event run by the Netherlands Refugee Foundation (Stichting Vluchteling), where you can join thousands of people in walking and running together during the night, to raise money for refugees worldwide. The event has been running since 2009, with routes of 40km, 20km and 10km in certain Dutch cities.

Help refugees by taking part

You can help refugees by acquiring sponsors or by sponsoring a participant. There is no participation fee - instead, each participant actively raises funds from their own networks. The money raised goes towards emergency shelter, medical care after a disaster, emergency nutrition, clean drinking water and classroom construction.

There is a refugee crisis going on at the moment and, according to the Netherlands Refugee Foundation, 1 in 108 people is actively fleeing conflict. The number of men, women and children fleeing war and violence is at 70,8 million - the highest number on record in recent years.

Give life-saving assistance along with friends or colleagues

You can take part, either by walking, by sponsoring a walker or both. Take part as an individual or as part of a group, whether with your work colleagues or your sports club. The sponsorship helps refugees to flee war and conflict and move towards safety.

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation has been running since 1976 and has implemented many forms of aid to refugees all over the world, from clean water to emergency shelters. Examples of what your money can provide include:

  • Shelter: 25 euros can cover the cost of an emergency shelter for two families
  • Medical supplies: 50 euros can provide medical equipment like a folding stretcher, antibiotics for cholera and typhus and protective clothing for medical staff
  • Food: 6 euros can feed a child for a week
  • Water: 100 euros can give three people clean water for a full year
  • Education: 225 euros will cover the costs of a new classroom

Photo: Marco de Swart, courtesy of Night of the Refugee Night of the Refugee charity walk participants

Night of the Refugee routes

Choose which event you would like to attend or sponsor and start your charity walk. Here are the different routes:

Take part and make a difference

Whether you are a seasoned runner or long-distance walker or whether taking part is not your thing, you can still make a difference. Sponsor a participant by pledging some money, or put on your walking shoes and take part yourself, backed by your own band of sponsors. Start fundraising today!

Thumb photo: courtesy of Night of the Refugee