New Year’s Bonfire Scheveningen

New Year’s Bonfire Scheveningen

Dec 31, 2023
Noorderstrand Scheveningen
The Hague

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on the beach of Scheveningen with one of the biggest bonfires in the world!

Bonfire Scheveningen

Every year, the National Heritage organisation presents Bonfire Scheveningen on New Year's Eve on the Noorderstrand beach. It takes about five days to build the gigantic structure that will be ignited at midnight to celebrate the New Year.

Grand tradition

Bonfire Scheveningen has grown from an old, local tradition into a grand annual event in the last few years. The event has gained popularity because of the unique combination of the usual New Year's fireworks plus the impressive fire, which gives off a unique feeling of Dutch tradition and celebration.

It also has an intangible national heritage status. Every year, it draws about 125.000 visitors, both local and international.

Tallest bonfire in the world

The 2015 bonfire broke its own world record as the largest bonfire in the world (recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records), at 8,695 cubic metres. The ambition to keep on building a bigger bonfire each year comes from playful and traditional competition with the Duindorp beach, which also has an annual bonfire on December 31. The winners get to call themselves the "tallest bonfire in the Netherlands".