Neo-Futurist Dinner series - Chromatic Dinner

Neo-Futurist Dinner series - Chromatic Dinner

Sep 13, 2017Sep 17, 2017
Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS

A new edition of the tasting sensation Neo-Futurist Dinner series is coming up at Mediamatic, exploring a new concept with a unique interpretation.

Experience the future through gastronomy

Every two months until 2018, Mediamatic will host a new Neo-Futurist dinner. More than just a dining experience, these events are experiences of the future, aimed to make this society question, challenge and/or analyse the way we approach gastronomical experiences.

It is a social affair, where guests can relate, exchange and discuss their own personal experience and hopefully connect further for other meet-ups in Amsterdam.

Based on the Futurist Cookbook

The concept of the dinners is loosely based on the Futurist Cookbook, which stemmed from the futurist art movement of the early 1900's.

Rather than recreating the dining philosophies of the futurists of that time, Mediamatic invites artistic duos to create their own dining experience of the future.

The first edition of the Neo-Futurist Dinner was called Me and Chef Watson, and presented a dinner that showed the contrasts between dishes in which all steps of preparation were completely algorithmically established, and dishes that were made with a more human, intuitive approach.

The Chromatic Dinner

The next edition of the Neo-Futurist dinner will have the title: The Chromatic Dinner. For this event, Amsterdam based vegan chef Alexander Gershberg will team up with Berlin based artist and choreographer Martin Butler, to create a multi-sensory dining experience of the future.