NAISR Webinar: Screen Time for Tots & Toddlers

NAISR Webinar: Screen Time for Tots & Toddlers

Mar 24, 2022

Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR) is hosting a free one-hour presentation via Zoom at 8pm on Thursday, March 24, about the ins and outs of screen time for tots and toddlers.

Learn from the experts

Raising children is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but it can also be chaotic and stressful - especially when you’re far from family and support networks.

Young or new parents may struggle to make the right decisions and select the right school or language for their little ones for many reasons, including a family's mixed cultural background, not knowing how long you will stay here, your language preferences, employment status and residential location. 

NAISR hopes this parent education presentation will answer some of your questions. Their Parent Education Presentations at night are great for working parents to watch together, who would prefer to learn from the comfort of their home. There are no costs, just benefits - to you and your family. 

March 24: Screen Time for Tots & Toddlers?

NAISR's Parent Academy presents the free webinar Screen Time for Tots & Toddlers, with speaker Stephanie Baumgarten-Kustner (Psychologist at Kühler & Partners International Mental Health Center).

We all know excessive screen time isn’t good for our little ones. Making good (programme) choices and developing good (screen time) habits at home while children are still young may help avoid the negative effects on today’s “screenagers."

Learn all about the effects of screen time on your young children, register now!

NAISR Webinar screen time tots and toddlers