Motel Mozaïque

Motel Mozaïque

Apr 18, 2024Apr 20, 2024
Various locations
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Motel Mozaïque is a phenomenal music festival in Rotterdam. Every year at Motel Mozaïque, the line-up continues to bring you varied, intriguing and experimental experiences. For three days in April each year, unmissable music, art, poetry and dance performances take over the city.

Also known as MOMO, this festival inhabits many of the city's prime cultural venues on April 18-20 in various locations around Rotterdam. In existence for over two decades, the festival is still regarded as something out of the ordinary. The NRC enthuses “There are enough ordinary pop festivals and Motel Mozaïque did justice to Rotterdam as a versatile art city.” 


Expect the unexpected

This event is more than meets the eye. Motel Mozaïque warns you to expect the unexpected at this festival. It's with good reason that one of MOMO taglines is “When we clash, we meet.” 

This year’s line-up includes:

  • Avalanche Kaito
  • Clarissa Connelly
  • Cosmo Pyke
  • CVC
  • Dana Gavanski
  • Deki Alem
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Fat Dog
  • HotWax
  • I Vow to Distract Forever
  • Kaeto
  • Laena Myers
  • Lander & Adriaan
  • Leah Rye
  • Library Card
  • Lime Garden
  • Loverman
  • Loveth Besamoh
  • mary in the junkyard
  • Min Taka
  • Miso Extra
  • Miss Tiny
  • NewDad
  • Pauli The PSM
  • Peter Somuah
  • Picture Parlour
  • Radio Trapani

Motel Mozaïque city guides 

City guides are an important part of the festival and are there to guide you through Rotterdam, a city brimming with artistic energy and vigour. This initiative sprang up in the second edition of the festival, thanks to such enthusiastic visitors, designers, art and cultural students who want to spread their enthusiasm for Rotterdam.


Motel Mozaïque festival locations

The festival locations are easy to reach by public transport, many of which are in the city centre: in the Cool District, near central station and near the Feyenoord Stadium. 

Book your tickets

Book your Motel Mozaïque tickets online! There’s a fantastic variety of ticket types, from full 3-day passes, 2-day weekend passes and 1-day day tickets. There are group rates at a reasonable discount. 

The "All-in Motel" package gets sold out quickly, so to get your hands on remaining tickets and be quick to avoid disappointment! Check out the Motel Mozaïque website for more updated ticket information.