MONO JAPAN | craft and design fair

MONO JAPAN | craft and design fair

Sep 15, 2023Sep 17, 2023
LOODS6, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
10 euros for a day ticket; 25 euros for a weekend ticket

Admire high-end Japanese craft and design at MONO JAPAN!

Traditional Japanese crafts

At MONO JAPAN, 30 makers practising traditional Japanese crafts come together to exhibit, sell and teach their creations. Everything from ceramics to textile, woodwork to tea and sake is made with skills that were passed down through generations. A contemporary mindset enriches many of the designs.

What does mono mean?

Mono is Japanese for "thing", or "object". The word is often used to describe traditional items, such as the kimono or kakemono. MONO JAPAN not only brings high-quality products to Amsterdam, but it also aims to introduce a Japanese way of living with objects that go beyond simply owning them.

Cultural festival

MONO JAPAN is also a small cultural festival, with a range of workshops, presentations and lectures that introduce Japanese crafts and culture to the European audience. Browse the list of exhibitors to see what you can expect.