Mixable Festival | online inclusive dance event

Mixable Festival | online inclusive dance event

Feb 18, 2021Feb 20, 2021

It’s time for Mixable Festival! During the first edition of this dance and performance festival on February 18-20, inclusive arts organisations and exceptional artists will showcase their work, streamed entirely online from Nieuwe Luxor theatre in Rotterdam.

Dance as an inclusive art form

The very first edition of Mixable Festival will take place this February, with international collaborations along with regional and national cooperation. Dancers from different generations and backgrounds come together to share insights and to develop ideas in the field of this dynamic and often exciting artform.

Dance as an inclusive art form is the central theme, with a large focus on talent development. Exceptionally talented dancers, many of whom have been previously unknown in the wider public sphere, will be strongly featured at this event.

The programme of Mixable Festival reflects a wealth of inclusivity in the performing arts and displays diverse regional, national and international guest participants. Mixable Festival is an event to promote collaboration in the arts field in an area of unprecedented talent. The approach is practical, interactive and straightforward!

Mixable Festival is an initiative of the Misiconi foundation and subsidized by the Erasmus+ programme and the Fund for Cultural Participation. The eminent Holland Dance Festival is also one of the partners of Mixable Festival.

Participating artists in Mixable Festival

Participating artists and organisations include: 

  • Adriaan Luteijn from Introdans
  • Faizah Grootens from Holland Dance Festival
  • Laura Jones from Stopgap Dance Company
  • Alex Rigg from Oceans All Over 
  • Theater Sonnevanck
  • Misiconi Dance Company

Stream Mixable Festival online

Get ready to tune into Mixable Festival online via streaming live from Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. Sign up on the Mixable Festival website to secure your place.