Mikhail Pletnev plays all Rachmaninov piano concertos with Sinfonia Rotterdam

Mikhail Pletnev plays all Rachmaninov piano concertos with Sinfonia Rotterdam

Apr 15, 2024Apr 17, 2024
Main Hall, de Doelen, Schouwburgplein 50, 3012 CL
33 euros (15 euros for people under 27)
Multi-day tickets available, which work out cheaper per concert

Legendary pianist Mikhail Pletnev plays all Rachmaninov piano concertos in a three day concert with Sinfonia Rotterdam. Don't miss the opportunity to hear these monumental works performed by Sinfonia Rotterdam and one of the most celebrated pianists in the world.

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On April 15-17, legendary pianist Mikhail Pletnev travels to Rotterdam to perform all Rachmaninov’s piano concertos as well as his Paganini Rhapsody, all in three consecutive days. This huge and unique happening is one you simply can't miss! Purchase your multi-day, 2-concert package at a lower ticket rate per concert, or single concert tickets. Buy tickets today!

Ticket information

  • Price: 33 euros (15 euros for people under 27)
  • Passe partouts and 2-concert packages available


One-time chance to see a master pianist at work

Under the direction of its celebrated conductor, Conrad van Alphen, this amazing three-part concert with Mikhail Pletnev comes to life in the Main Hall of de Doelen, Rotterdam. Van Alphen and Pletnev are long-time collaborators and friends, but this will be the first time they play with the conductor's own orchestra which he founded 24 years ago.

When setting up this grand collaboration, Van Alphen spoke on the phone with Pletnev, whose own idea it was to play all four Rachmaninov piano masterpieces and his Paganini Rhapsody. In a funny exchange, Van Alphen modestly asked the master if he and his orchestra could have the chance to play music as well…! So, Rachmaninov's 2nd symphony were added to the programme, which the orchestra will play independently under the direction of Van Alphen.

Sinfonia Rotterdam is an independent orchestra with a mission to bring classical music to everyone. This three-day event can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages and backgrounds. With the help of Droom en Daad, the orchestra was able to bring a legend such as Mikhail Pletnev to the stage in the Netherlands. There, his magical virtuosity can be experienced for a small price where this would otherwise be unattainable.


Get to know the orchestra with a free drink after the concerts

Sinfonia Rotterdam and its conductor Van Alphen strongly believe in cultivating a personal relationship with their audience. This is achieved not only through touching each listener with beautiful music, but getting to know them after the performance as well. 

All three concerts are without intermission after which the conductor, musicians and staff join you for a drink on the house. 

Programme and performers

  • Sinfonia Rotterdam
  • Conrad van Alphen (conductor)
  • Mikhail Pletnev (piano)

April 15

  • Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto no.1
  • Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto no.2

April 16

  • Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto no.3
  • Rachmaninov - Symphony no.2

April 17

  • Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto no.4
  • Rachmaninov - Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini

More information can be found on the Sinfonia Rotterdam website.

Multi-day tickets

There are also multi-day tickets available, which work out cheaper per concert - what a great way to listen to all the concertos at a better-value price.

Here are the ticket deals:

  • Passe partout (3 concerts) - 80 euros (42 euros for under 27s)
  • 2-day package (2 concerts) - 55 euros (28 euros for under 27s)

More than 50 percent discount if you are younger than 27 

Young listeners are in luck: Sinfonia Rotterdam offers a high discount for audience members under the age of 27. Sinfonia Rotterdam loves to share their passion to all ages. While a normal ticket for a single concert costs 33 euros, listeners under 27 pay only 15 euros. That's more than half off! Choose the option "Concert jongeren t/m 26 jaar" at the checkout.

Check out other concerts on the Sinfonia Rotterdam website.

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A free drink and cloakroom are included in the ticket price. Guests under the age of 27 get a 50% discount on their ticket. Get your tickets on the Sinfonia Rotterdam website.

Photo: Bas Czerwinski