Melkweg celebrates its 50th anniversary with a 24-hour online marathon

Jul 17, 2020Jul 18, 2020
7pm on Friday until 7pm on Saturday

Melkweg, one of the most popular and renowned events venues in downtown Amsterdam, celebrates its 50th anniversary with a 24-hour marathon. It can be streamed for free from anywhere in the world!

Celebrating 50 years of Melkweg with online streaming 

There was going to be a mega extravaganza of massive proportions, bringing music fans from far and wide, but due to the coronavirus measures to keep everybody safe, the celebration will go ahead differently than originally planned. Closing their doors and suspending programming for such a long period of time had never happened in all 50 years of Melkweg’s existence. What an anniversary!

Although the events taking place are not in the forms originally conceived, it will be an outstanding event to remember! From Friday, July 17, there will be live performances, DJ sets, talks and dancing, all in the 24-hour online marathon. This can be streamed for free, from the comfort of home.

Big names in music

Many big names can be seen in the line-up: Oostblok, Ella John, Fiesta Macumba, Joost van Bellen, Dave Clarke, Encore and more. A performance from the annual Julidans festival will also be taking place, as well as talks about inclusivity in hip hop and about the past and present of the Melkweg.

Lightyears Talks 

On July 18, talks of different kinds are happening, from morning to evening:

  • 10.30am: “Cinema” with former Melkweg film programmer and esteemed guests
  • 1.45pm: “Melkweg Expo” with Luuk Heezen giving a look back at 50 years of Melkweg
  • 3.30pm: “Hiphop” with Veronica van Hoogdalem, Ares, Sticks, Joesylvio, Willie Wartaal and Ella John
  • 6pm: “50 years of Melkweg” with former director and co-founder alongside the current director

It was 50 years ago that the Melkweg opened as a music venue in what used to be a milk factory. Idealistic theatre-makers saw potential in the space and soon it was a permanent events venue. It has gone on to become one of the most famous multidisciplinary venues in the Netherlands.

Stream the Melkweg marathon for free

Witness history taking place in the Amsterdam music scene! Stream any part of the Melkweg 24-hour marathon for free from the comfort of home!