Meet & Greet Maastricht

Dec 18, 2014
Café Zuid, Plein 1992, 6221 JP

Coming from abroad and new to the Maastricht Region? Then check out this monthly get together!

Meet & Greet: Welcome to the Maastricht region  

International professionals are faced with lots of challenges during the 'settling in' process, including many formalities and housing matters.

However, a difficult and often looked part of moving to a new country are the cultural differences and the impact of landing in a new, unknown social environment. This monthly meet and greet serves to offer a warm welcome to international professionals and their partners who are new to the Maastricht Region. 

Taking place every last Thursday of the month at Café Zuid, its aim is to bring together like-minded people from the region in an informal setting.

Come and relax, have a drink and start to build your social network by getting to know fellow expats in your area!

For more information, you can contact the Holland Expat Center South - Maastricht Region or check the activity agenda of the Holland Expat Center South.