Light in Darkness - Benefit concert for Ukraine

Light in Darkness - Benefit concert for Ukraine

Mar 21, 2023
Korzo Theater
The Hague
25 euros for a standard adult ticket (12,50 euros for concessions)

Get ready to witness some extraordinarily high-calibre contemporary dance in The Hague. Two outstanding Ukrainian dancers, Vladyslav Detiuchenko and Veronika Rakitina, are responsible for both performing in and organising this benefit concert at Korzo, one of the foremost dance theatres in the Netherlands. Get your tickets now!

Benefit concert for Ukraine

Ukrainian dancers Vladyslav Detiuchenko and Veronika Rakitina initiated the idea for this concert in Korzo to raise money for the NGO Zeilen van Vrijheid. They fled Kyiv last year and are currently staying in The Hague. They're doing their bit to keep on supporting their home country by devising a special charity event. All box office proceeds will go directly to Zeilen van Vrijheid, a foundation that supports Ukraine with medical aid and transport.

Joining them are a few other artists: Polish choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński will perform his new dance piece about war, entitled Resistance movement, performed by Ukrainian dancer Daria Koval. Rutkay Özpinar from The Hague will present his solo Losing Sense and the duet Grip, performed by Veronika Rakitina and Richѐl Wieles.

Ukrainian composer Victor Rekalo will perform a piece written during the war and performed live on double bass. Also, the duet Light in Darkness about the life of Vladyslav and Veronika after the start of the war will be premiered. Light in Darkness is also the overarching title of the evening, and indicates the hope that the artists want to convey to the audience by showing their friendship, in a collaboration between different countries and artists.

Here is a statement from Vladyslav Detiuchenko, choreographer and dancer from Kyiv, who is one of the initiators of the event: "I’m no soldier, but I do want to fight. An artist has the power to change the public opinion. Art is political. Why shouldn’t we use it to fight the evils of this world?"

Find out more about the programme

Here's an overview about the programme of the benefit concert:

  • Rutkay Özpinar - Losing Senses (solo)
  • Rutkay Özpinar - Grip (dancers: Richél Wieles & Veronika Rakitina)
  • Vladyslav Detiuchenko - In Black (solo)
  • Vladyslav Detiuchenko - Light in Darkness (dancers: Vladyslav Detiuchenko & Veronika Rakitina)
  • Maciej Kuźmiński - Resistance Movement (dance: Daria Koval)
  • Vladyslav Detiuchenko - My Orpheus (dancers: Richél Wieles, Rutkay Özpinar & Vladyslav Detiuchenko)
  • Viktor Rekalo - Seven Simple Dawns (solo double bass)

This concert is supported by: Korzo, United Ukrainian Ballet, Ukraine Embassy in The Netherlands, Four Parties, Zhembrovskyy, Cinedans Fest, Kylian Foundation and the Dutch National Ballet.

About the performers

Vlad Detiuchenko (1996) and Veronika Rakitina (1998) are professional dancers, previously based in Kyiv. Detiuchenko is a choreographer and dancer. He used to dance with the Kyiv Modern Ballet and toured the country of Ukraine with his own company n’Era Dance Company. Veronika Rakitina danced with the Kyiv Opera Ballet and met Detiuchenko when he created a choreography at the company.

The couple had to flee Ukraine in the spring of 2022. In the first months of the war, Detiuchenko created the piece Mariupol for the American company Company E, to honour the Ukrainian soldiers and citizens that defended the city for 80 straight days. Before the war started, he toured the Ukraine with My Orpheus, a piece inspired by the life of French philosopher Jean Cocteau. Currently they dance with United Ukrainian Ballet in The Hague, with artistic director Igone de Jongh. 

About Zeilen van Vrijheid

Zeilen van Vrijheid is a grass-roots non profit organisation that emerged in the aftermath of the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The mission of the foundation is to support the medics, volunteers, and civilians in Ukraine with transport, equipment, and medical aid. Since the inception, the foundation has sent 132 ambulances and other emergency vehicles to Ukraine. 

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Thumb photo: Altin Kaftira