Lichtjesavond Delft

Lichtjesavond Delft

Dec 08, 2020

Lichtjesavond Delft is a beautiful winter celebration centred around lighting the massive Christmas tree in Delft, with strings of LED Christmas lights in beautiful formations to enchant those lucky enough to witness it. Lichtjesavond Delft has grown from a tree-lighting ceremony to one of the largest Christmas events in the Netherlands.

This year, it won’t be possible for the event to take place in the typical way and that’s why there will be Lichtjesavond Live and Lichtjesavond at Home.

Lichtjesavond Live

Lichtjesavond Live will take place on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at 7pm, broadcast on TV West, as well as being streamed on the event website. The 45-minute show, on the theme of togetherness, will include music, stories, speeches and captivating shots of the resplendent decorations all over the city of Delft, ideal for families with kids.

Lichtjesavond at Home

Make the evening complete by treating yourself to a Lichtjesavond at Home (Lichtjesavond Thuis) box. The boxes are full of local products, as well as candles and a game.

There are different boxes to choose from:

  • confectionery box - sweet treats like scones, whipped cream and chocolate milk
  • drinks box - alcoholic drinks with savoury snacks like bread, cheese and sausage
  • dinner box - a three-course meal for two

Plan your Lichtjesavond

Make yourself comfy and get ready for a festive night in! Get your Lichtjesavond box, which you can order on the Lichtjesavond Delft website, tune into Lichtjesavond Live on television or stream it from the event website.