Lessons in Love and Violence at the Dutch National Opera

Lessons in Love and Violence at the Dutch National Opera

Jun 25, 2018Jul 05, 2018
Dutch National Opera and Ballet, Amstel 3, 1011 PN
18 euros to 140 euros

George Benjamin will conduct his new opera Lessons in Love and Violence at the Dutch National Opera, running from June 25 until July 5, as the "composer-in-focus" of the 2018 Holland Festival.

Lessons in Love and Violence in focus at the Holland Festival

Lessons in Love and Violence is a new opera by the composer George Benjamin. Described as “A bolder, angrier, more tender George Benjamin” by The Guardian newspaper, this opera questions whether power allows room for love and affection. 

Lessons in Love and Violence is directed by British opera director Katie Mitchell, with a star-studded cast, including the Grammy-winning contemporary opera maven Barbara Hannigan and other frequent Dutch National Opera favourites Stephane Degout and Peter Hoare. Along with the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, the opera is a true tour de force.

A synopsis of Lessons in Love and Violence

To give a brief synopsis of what to expect in this poignant drama, a king must choose between love and politics. Eventually, his decision puts him in a dreadful position, throwing the country into civil war and turning his wife and son against him. Committing a violent act in front of a family member with the intention of making peace brings up a plethora of painful life lessons. 

Lessons in Love and Violence is a truly earth-shattering and compelling story, bringing home the dangers of power and its fight against love.

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It's advisable to book your tickets to Lessons in Love and Violence in advance as the best seats sell out quickly! Browse the Dutch National Opera and Ballet website to get a deeper insight into what to expect.



About the composer George Benjamin

George Benjamin, born in London in 1960, is a proponent of modernism in musical composition. He studied with the famed 20th century French composer Olivier Messiaen who referred to Benjamin as his favourite pupil. He receives commissions from all over the world and teaches composition at King’s College London. He has been making a name for himself as an opera conductor ever since 1999.

With the librettist Martin Crimp, Lessons in Love and Violence was not George Benjamin’s only opera. Other operas they have written together are Into the Little Hill and Written on Skin, which was overwhelmingly successful at the Dutch National Opera in 2012. Together they have proved to be ideal creative partners.

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Photo credit: Stephen Cummiskey