Leiden International Film Festival

Leiden International Film Festival

Oct 28, 2021Nov 07, 2021
Movie theatres around the city centre

The Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) will be returning to the historic city of Leiden to present a variety of films that straddle the border of art-house and mainstream! With its "Not Going" edition, it will go ahead in a new format that ensures safety for all attendees in each auditorium.

International films come to Leiden

Founded in 2006, the Leiden International Film Festival has since grown to be one of the most important film festivals in the Netherlands. By focusing on films that are almost mainstream, but retain a touch of art-house flair, they have been able to interest both casual cinema fans and the film whizzes.

With thousands of visitors attending every year and films from more than 20 countries, the festival is an engaging few days supplemented with a dynamic side-programme of lectures and workshops.

Opening night at the Stadsgehoorzaal, which typically draws massive festive crowds, but this year it will be scaled down to consider the safety of visitors.  Additionally, there are more participating venues than ever: this year, you can access the programme in special venues for this edition in addition to the usual cinemas in Leiden.

The bars at the venues will remain open, accepting PIN only transactions and there will be designated walking routes to make it easier to keep a 1,5-metre distance from others.

Leiden International Film Festival venues

  • Trianon
  • Kijkhuis
  • Lido 3
  • Stadsgehoorzaal

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