Le Corsaire by the Bolshoi Ballet at Pathé Specials

Le Corsaire by the Bolshoi Ballet at Pathé Specials

Oct 22, 2017
5pm - 8.35pm

Experience a grand performance of Bellini’s opera Le Corsaire, performed by the Bolshoi Ballet, broadcast live on the big screen at Pathé Specials.

About Pathé Specials

Through the Pathé Specials series, visitors can experience world-renowned ballet, opera, theatre, music and sport events captured and broadcast live on the big screen, with crisp sound and high-quality projection to make it feel like they are actually there! Le Corsaire can be viewed in select Pathé Cinemas in various cities.

The story of Le Corsaire

Conrad, a pirate, falls in love with the beautiful Medora on a busy market square. Medora belongs to slave trader Lankedem, who tries to sell her to the Pasja, but Conrad abducts her to avoid this fate.

This special ballet was inspired by a legendary poem by Lord Byron. It was choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky, who gave the exotic 19th century classic a new approach.

The Bolshoi Ballet

Le Corsaire is one of the most exuberant productions by the famous Bolshoi Ballet. The grand love story includes a spectacular shipping disaster and dramatic decors, in which almost the entire company is involved.

This is the eighth consecutive year that the Bolshoi Ballet presents a series of grand classic ballet performances by famous choreographers, to be broadcast in the cinema. This exclusive chance allows people around the world to experience the skills of some of the world’s most celebrated dancers.