LA GRANDE FISSA - Dancing in The Concertgebouw

LA GRANDE FISSA - Dancing in The Concertgebouw

Jul 22, 2023
Concertgebouw Main Hall, Concertgebouwplein 10, 1071 LN
25 euros

Get ready for a night of dancing in The Concertgebouw at LA GRANDE FISSA, led by DJ St. Paul, probably the most eclectic DJ in the Netherlands. All the seats will be removed, as DJ St. Paul and a host of great artists welcome you for a night to remember!

The Concertgebouw will be transformed into a dance floor for this grand and vivacious party. Inspired by the grandiose film by Paolo Sorrentino La Grande Bellezza, this evening is sure to have all the vibes of your favourite festival!

La Grande Fissa

The hypnotic opening is by neo-classical star pianist Joep Beving. After that, Spinvis will unleash the DJ in himself, armed with his favourite records and some instruments lying around. The later hours are for Ajuma with her quirky mix of Leftfield Disco, Arabic House and Kinetic Afrobeat as well as the Brazilian DJ, producer and high flyer on Soulwax's label, Phillipi. But there is much more, including PepperMetz's pole dance act and action poetry by Joost Oomen. All this is accompanied by audiovisuals by This is Taped! 

SummerConcerts, a series of 80 concerts at The Concertgebouw

This concert is part of the SummerConcerts at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Throughout July and August, audiences can enjoy beautiful classical concerts, swinging jazz and pop, and legendary film music at Amsterdam's most famous concert hall. Feeling the summer vibes? With these lively and captivating concerts on the horizon, there's no doubt that you will be! The SummerConcerts are powered by VriendenLoterij.

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