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From July 2-16, 2022, Julidans presents the current state of contemporary dance. In a broad programme, you will see the work of leading and idiosyncratic choreographers with different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds.

At 14 locations throughout Amsterdam, with Internationaal Theater Amsterdam as the festival centre, 43 performances will be presented. Julidans is the festival for international contemporary dance that inspires connoisseurs and curious minds alike.


Ever since its first edition in 1991, Julidans has been exploring the boundaries of contemporary dance and performance. This 31st edition of the festival once again presents work by choreographers who are not afraid of experimentation and are in search of a language of their own. This year's performances make statements about the times we live in or offer possibilities for the future.

On the Julidans stages, the dance makers confront us with their visions. They give us something to believe in. Hopeful or apocalyptic, feminist or fantastic. The imaginative power of dance is used to make us rethink themes such as (gender) identity, human relationships, and climate. The theme for Julidans 2022 is "SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN".

Highlights of the Julidans 2022 programme

Here are some of the main highlights of the Julidans 2022 programme:

The festival opens on July 2 with Larsen C, the new work by Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos, a magic and hallucinogenic meditation on our position as human beings in times of change.

Photo credit: © Pinelopi Gerasimou Julidans dance festival Amsterdam

With Re: INCARNATION, Nigerian dance maker Qudus Onikeku brings an energetic and colourful ode to Nigerian culture in which afrobeat from the 1970s and today's hip-hop and dancehall merge.

Photo credit: © Blandine Soulage Julidans festival for dance Amsterdam

In her performance A Divine Comedy, Austrian provocateur and dance superstar Florentina Holzinger takes you to heaven and hell in dazzling and uncompromising dance theatre in which modern life is put on the dissecting table.

Photo credit: © Nicole Marianna Wytyczak Julidans international festival for contemporary dance

Stations is the new solo by the celebrated Canadian choreographer Louise Lecavalier, in which she shows her quest for the pure essence of dance. Her most personal and delicate performance ever.

Photo credit: © Dieter Wuschanski Julidans festival for contemporary dance Amsterdam

Elle Sofe Sara is a Sami, and with Vástádus eana / The answer is land, she presents a contemporary outlook on self-determination and our relationship with the earth in a large-scale production with yoiks sung live on stage.

Photo credit: ©  Antero Hein Julidans international festival for contemporary dance

Other choreographers that can be seen at Julidans are Lia Rodrigues, Jefta van Dinther, Brigel Gjoka & Rauf 'RubberLegz' Yasit, Siba Sahabi, Nicole Beutler, Ann Van Den Broek and many more!

Julians locations all across Amsterdam

During the festival, dance spreads like an oil slick through Amsterdam - in addition to Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, you will find Julidans at Theater Bellevue, Melkweg Theater, Meervaart, Bijlmerparktheater, De Sloot, Podium Mozaïek, ICK Space for Dance Art, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and at surprising locations in the city.

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Thumb photo: © Riley Watts