Julidans: International Festival for Contemporary Dance

Julidans: International Festival for Contemporary Dance

Jul 03, 2024Jul 16, 2024
Various locations

From July 3-16, 2024, Julidans presents the current state of contemporary dance. In a broad programme, you will see the work of leading and idiosyncratic choreographers with different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds.

At eight locations throughout Amsterdam, with Internationaal Theater Amsterdam as the festival centre, dozens of performances will be presented. Julidans is the festival for international contemporary dance that inspires connoisseurs and curious minds alike.

Julidans: International Festival for Contemporary Dance

Ever since its first edition in 1991, Julidans has been exploring the boundaries of contemporary dance and performance. This edition of the festival once again presents work by choreographers who are not afraid to speak out and are in search of a language of their own. This year's performances make statements about the times we live in or offer possibilities for the future.

On the Julidans stages, the dance makers confront us with their visions. They give us something to believe in. Hopeful or apocalyptic, feminist or fantastic. The imaginative power of dance is used to make us rethink themes such as (gender) identity, human relationships and climate. The theme for Julidans 2024 is "SOMETHING IS BOILING", and is designed to present reflections on and solutions for our unstable and fractured times.

Image credit: ©Jaap Scheeren julidans amstedam dance festival

Planning your viewing

With so many different performances happening in just two weeks, it might be difficult to choose what you want to see. In order to make it a little easier to decide, the programmers have labelled the events that do not need you to understand Dutch in order to enjoy them, and then they have also grouped the pieces into four main categories:


This is for the big attractions, the world-renowned choreographers and dancers on the biggest stages in the city.


If you want to see the rising stars of the dance world, and hear what the next generations have to say, look out for the pieces labelled as Julidans NEXT.


These are the pieces that are trying to break dance out of its regular performance spaces and integrate with the city itself. These shows might take place at the Vondelpark open-air theatre, or in smaller, more spontaneous locations around the city. Let's hope the Dutch summer looks favourably on this initiative!


Dance can be challenging, and sometimes you are left with questions about what you saw. The CONTEXT programme consists of talks, introductions and thematic discussions that might help you understand a piece better and get more out of the festival.

Image Credit: Pinelopi Gerasimou julidans amsterdam dance festival lapis lazuli

Julians locations all across Amsterdam

During the festival, dance spreads like an oil slick through Amsterdam - in addition to the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, you will find Julidans at Theater Bellevue, Meervaart, Bijlmer Parktheater, Podium Mozaïek, Frascati, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and Vondelpark open-air theatre.

Buy your Julidans tickets

Make sure to buy your Julidans tickets in advance before it's too late! Go to the Julidans website to browse the full programme and reserve your tickets.

As the event locations are spread throughout the city of Amstedam, it is not recommended to drive in. All of the venues are easily accessible by public transport and the Julidans website has full information on how to reach each one.

Thumb image credit: © Peteris Viksna