JetLearn's The Puppet Show Workshop for Kids

JetLearn's The Puppet Show Workshop for Kids

Mar 19, 2023
Free (registration required)

Do you remember watching puppet shows? The rush of excitement as the story unfolded before your eyes, each twist and turn holding you glued to your seat? Now, imagine your child experiencing the same thrill in JetLearn’s The Puppet Show workshop!

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In this workshop, your child will embark on a fun journey with JetLearn through the land of make-believe, where anything is possible, and their imagination can soar to new heights. You’ll be amazed at the creativity they unleash as they create their own puppet masterpieces while enjoying the show.

And the benefits of this workshop go beyond just having fun! With every scene, your child will learn the art of storytelling, which can help them to understand and retain the lessons they are taught in a fun and interactive way. So why wait? Register for JetLearn’s The Puppet Show workshop, and watch as your child’s imagination takes flight! This fun workshop takes place via Zoom.

  • Date: March 19, 2023
  • Time: 7pm (CET) / 10am (PST)
  • Location: Online

About JetLearn

Amsterdam-based JetLearn is the world’s first Web3 online academy for K-12, with learners in 46 countries. JetLearn’s mission is to empower children with a foundation in new-age technology skills like Web3, AI and robotics in an inspiring and hyper-personalised way. JetLearn has been recognised as one of the top five in the “STEM for Kids'' category in the prestigious HolonIQ 2022 Europe Startup List.

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