Jetlearn's Free Rubik's Cube Workshop For Kids

Jetlearn's Free Rubik's Cube Workshop For Kids

Jul 24, 2022
Free (registration required)

Unlock your child’s brain’s full potential by attending JetLearn’s Rubik’s Cube Workshop, where JetLearn will introduce them to different cubes, the benefits of learning, algorithms, and how solving Rubik's Cubes teaches vital lessons of learning in simplicity. When you solve a Rubik’s Cube today, your brain will thank you tomorrow!

Benefits of Rubik's Cube Workshop For Kids

  • It helps in improving memory.
  • Learning the ways of solving the cube improves patience.
  • It helps you become a fast problem solver.
  • It helps in mind mapping.
  • Speed cubing makes your senses faster.
  • It improves your reflexes and cognitive thinking.

Spend your summer learning various skills with JetLearn's global community of learners from 22+ countries!

About JetLearn

JetLearn is a 1:1 Kids Coding and Robotics Academy, headquartered in Amsterdam. JetLearn is founded by a strong team from top universities including INSEAD, IITs, and ISB. Trusted by learners from 22+ countries, they are on a mission to make learning coding fun and interesting for kids. 

Good to know

  • This workshop is completely online to ensure your safety.
  • Every participant will need their own Rubik's Cube.
  • Registration is required

Sign your child up for the Rubik's Cube Workshop For Kids

  • When: July 24, 2022 at 11am
  • Where: online
  • Free Registration: on the JetLearn website