JetLearn: How to improve your memory workshop for kids

JetLearn: How to improve your memory workshop for kids

Jun 05, 2022
Free (only 20 seats remain)

World’s Best Coding and Robotics Academy, JetLearn, is bringing a live creative storytelling session with puppets for kids aged 6 to 16 years.

Help your child master their memory

Does your child relate to any of these statements:

  • Wants to improve their memory
  • Studies hard but forgets things during exams
  • Not able to remember everything
  • Works hard, still don’t see their grades improving
  • Takes too much time to learn something new

If you said yes to any of the above, then this workshop is the perfect solution for your child! Let your child spend their Sunday morning with JetLearn, learning new tricks that will help them master their memory.

Register before it's too late, only 20 seats remain!

About JetLearn

JetLearn is a 1:1 Kids Coding and Robotics Academy, headquartered in Amsterdam. JetLearn is founded by a strong team from top universities including INSEAD, IITs, and ISB. Trusted by learners from 18+ countries, they are on a mission to make learning coding fun and interesting for kids.