Jazz in de Gracht

Jazz in de Gracht

Aug 24, 2023Aug 26, 2023
Bierkade, Dunne Bierkade and Groenewegje
The Hague

Jazz in de Gracht (Jazz in the Canal) is a free jazz music event on the canals of The Hague, where boats loaded with musicians and instruments float on by, bringing you those festive, laid-back vibes of late summer.

Listen to live jazz on the water for free

This free event is centred around the canals and the quay sides of the city centre, with top jazz musicians offering an exciting and vibrant ambience. They follow a route with multiple stops, creating beautiful scenery with a festive atmosphere. This year’s programme is like none before, with a record number of acts.

Jazz artists pass by on flat-bottomed boats, creating swinging vibes all across the waterways. Residents of The Hague can listen from the street or through open windows. The quays are particularly popular, milling with listeners for three glorious days.

Where can you see and hear Jazz in de Gracht?

The main Jazz in de Gracht locations are Bierkade, Dunne Bierkade and Groenewegje in the heart of the city, with more jazz activities taking place at Hooikade and Veenkade.

The music begins at 4pm on the Bierkade, which will have various stages on the shore, as well as various food trucks with culinary treats. At the other locations, music begins at 6pm. Listen and watch with a drink in hand from various charming terraces and canal side eateries. 

Jazz, soul, funk and blues in The Hague

Jazz is the main focus of the festival programme, but there are many other styles performed too, like soul, funk and blues with over 50 different acts. Jazz in de Gracht is an exhilarating music event where you can become immersed in the sound of jazz, blues, soul and funk.

Plan your visit to Jazz in de Gracht

The performance venues during Jazz in de Gracht are easy to reach by public transportation, so plan your visit and jazz things up with some free live music! Let's hope the Dutch weather is reliable! Check out the Jazz in de Gracht website for more information.