Japan Light and Food Festival Zaandam

Japan Light and Food Festival Zaandam

Dec 08, 2023Dec 10, 2023
Hemkade 48, 1506 PS
14,50 euros

If you enjoy Japanese cuisine, then don't miss this special themed event featuring lovely lights, Japanese cherry blossoms and a wide choice of Japanese food like sushi and ramen. Japan Light and Food Festival is ready to charm you this December in Zaandam, which is only a five-minute train ride from Amsterdam.

Celebrate Japan with tasty food and pretty lights

From sushi and sake to beautifully illuminated cherry blossoms, this event is the perfect occasion to indulge your senses. Get ready to celebrate the beauty of Japanese culture, with an emphasis on Japanese food and lifestyle.

Photo: courtesy of Sushi Festival Japan Light and Food Festival in the Netherlands

You're bound to feel enthralled by the illuminated cherry blossoms, which are dotted around the venue to give a fairytale vibe to the whole festival. The event features a sake bar, a Japanese food hall, a Japanese tea house, and much more! Meanwhile, art specially created for this event will be on view. Visitors can also buy Japanese merchandise to take home as a memento of this unforgettable event.

What to expect at the Japan Light and Food Festival Zaandam

The features of the 2023 edition of the Japan Light and Food Festival are:

  • Illuminated cherry blossoms
  • Japanese light objects
  • Sushi and ramen creations
  • A Japanese food hall
  • Asian street food

On top of all this excitement and enchantment, this year's edition of the festival will also have live music and a silent disco!

About the venue

Getting to the venue, Hembrug, is convenient by public transport - take a train from any Dutch city and then take a bus to Hembrug. The site used to be the heart of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, one of the nine World Heritage Monuments in the Netherlands.

The extensive site of over 42 hectares still houses more than 100 industrial buildings that are attached to the former ammunition factory. Nowadays, this leafy area is home to dozens of creative studios and many art and cultural institutions.

Photo: courtesy of Sushi Festival Japan Light and Food Festival in Holland

Plan your visit to the Japan Light and Food Festival

Excited to eat a lot of sushi and ramen under beautiful lights? Check the official Sushi Festival website for more information on tickets.

Thumb photo: courtesy of Sushi Festival