Ironhack Tech School OpenHouse for Expat Families

Ironhack Tech School OpenHouse for Expat Families

Jun 28, 2018
6pm until 8pm
Rent24 Magna Plaza, Spuistraat 139, 1012 SV
Free (registration required)

If you are looking for new challenges and job opportunities in the Netherlands, Ironhack is what you need!

You followed your Expat partner and moved to the Netherlands. You love this country, you enjoy its relaxed culture and the high quality of life. And you plan to stay for longer. There is only one problem: you are struggling to find a job you feel passionate about (and with enough opportunities to work in the Netherlands!). If this feels familiar, keep reading, we’ve got you covered!

Join the OpenHouse day for Expat families!

Did you know all the opportunities that the dutch tech scene offers? Do you want to know how you could be part of it? Join our Openhouse day for Expats where you will have the chance to learn more about our tech school and how we could help you finding a passion-driven job!

Make sure you book your free ticket soon on the Ironhack Tech School event page!

Being partners with an expat is great, but it isn’t always easy

Following your partner to a new country is brave and generous, but also difficult. You might have being looking for new challenging projects lately. Or you might be looking for jobs in a sector you feel passionate about with no luck. You want to grow professionally and build your own successful career as well.

But finding those opportunities when you don’t speak the local language, or when you have a degree that isn’t properly recognised locally, can be a hard task. Going to a local university is a good solution but graduating takes a long time and makes quality family time scarcer. What to do, then?

Return-oriented education is the fastest pathway for you

Attending a tech bootcamp might be the answer you were looking for. Why? First, because education should always be fun, passion-driven. And second, because education should have a clear return for the huge investment (of time and money) we all put into it.

That's why Ironhack is launching a new Ironhack campus in Amsterdam, to disrupt high education as it stands. Ironhack is a global tech school with other campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Miami and São Paolo. They provide high-impact, condensed educational experiences (also known as bootcamps) designed to get students from zero to job-ready in 9 weeks (full time programme) or 24 weeks (part time programme).

Ironhack students learn all the necessary skills needed to become employable in well paid tech jobs they actually enjoy, and have taught 1.500+ Ironhackers globally already with a 90% placement rate after the bootcamp in top tech companies!


Why you should get a job in tech

Much could be said, but in a tweet short: the Netherlands has an acute shortage of tech talent. At the moment, there are over 26 job vacancies for every junior tech worker! The Amsterdam developer population is the fastest growing in Europe with over 23k new developer jobs created in 2017(+35% in one year!). Companies are fighting for tech talent and salaries are, obviously, sky-rocketing.

Dare to dream

Changing your career is not easy. But it is easier than you thought. The job opportunity in tech is massive. And it seems Amsterdam will be a key player in the worldwide tech scene. At Ironhack we dare to dream. We are preparing the next generation of passion-driven digital creators.

If you want more information, please visit the Ironhack webpage and join their Openhouse for Expats! Ironhack will be pleased to answer every questions you may have and welcome you to their family.

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