International Whisky Festival The Hague

International Whisky Festival The Hague

Nov 18, 2022Nov 20, 2022
Grote Kerk, 2513 AM
The Hague

Quality liquor comes to The Hague in the form of the International Whisky Festival for a day of tasting, discussing and enjoying in one of the most famous churches in the city, Grote Kerk! The event brings together representatives from international whisky producers to offer samples and information about the production process and finer details of tasting.

Whisky tasting in The Hague

Whisky connoisseurs won’t want to miss this edition of this annually occurring festival. Each year, the festival provides a unique opportunity to sample a wide variety of whiskeys produced by various distilleries in Scotland, Ireland and around the world.

Ticket entry includes unlimited tastings, a whisky tumbler, and a catalogue of the festival with tasting notes. For an extra fee, visitors can also enjoy a tour of The Hague on a special sightseeing tram while sampling a few whiskeys!

A whiskey event of refined discernment

Quite a refined event, there is no side entertainment, but rather a full day with the focus remaining solely on the drink. With workshops, tastings and master-classes addressing issues from whisky food pairings to collectors editions, there is something for every level of whisky drinker.

Learn how to discern a fine Scotch from a Canadian Rye while talking, tasting and touring in the beautiful Grote Kerk! The sheer variety and quality is more than you're likely to find in any bar in the Netherlands.

Get your tickets

The very popular International Whisky Festival is certainly a must-visit for whisky and liquor lovers. Get your tickets in advance on the International Whisky Festival website.

If you love events related to whisky but can't make it to this one, look out for other whisky festivals in the Netherlands, such as Whisky Weekend and The Spirit of Amsterdam, both taking place in Amsterdam.