International Sushi Festival Rotterdam

International Sushi Festival Rotterdam

Sep 09, 2017Sep 10, 2017
Ahoy Rotterdam: Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA

Check out the largest sushi festival in Europe, in Ahoy Rotterdam!

Sushi themed entertainment

Culinary goodness is coming your way with sushi-related creations and highlights of sushi themed entertainment, varied foods, drinks, fashion, art and culture.

More than rolls

Delicious treats that International Sushi Festival Rotterdam has to offer go further than mere rolls. You will be able to find Sushi Donuts, Sushi Burgers, Sushi Lollipops, Japanese pancakes, delicious cocktails, and Eastern teas, coffees and desserts. There will also be other kind of Asian food stands.

Not to miss are the longest sushi bar in the Netherlands, complete with conveyor belt, and the Sushi Festival Truck. Special activities include various sushi making workshops, a fair with all kinds of merchandise, karaoke and beauty/massage treatments.