International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen

International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen

Aug 10, 2018Aug 18, 2018
Scheveningen Boulevard, Strandweg, 2551 SH
The Hague

The 39th edition of the famous International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen is fired up and ready to go! Enjoy the mesmerising spectacle of a multitude of colours and shapes filling the night skies over the coastal resort of Scheveningen for two weekends during the International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen!

Competition in the art of fireworks

The organisers of the festival invite production teams from around the world to light up the sky and compete in the art of fireworks. Each evening of the festival, two firework displays take place, one at 9.45pm and the other at 10.30pm.

Taking into account timing, variety and aesthetics amongst other factors, the teams are judged by an independent jury. In terms of rules, the teams may only use up to 2.000 fireworks, of which 80 percent must be of domestic origin, and the display cannot last longer than 13 minutes.

Fireworks in Scheveningen since the 1960s

Occurring since the late 1960s, the event now annually attracts more than 300.000 spectators and features teams from as far away as South Korea and Japan. For the spectator, the event is an absolute exhilarating experience; not only for the fireworks, but also for the myriad of entertainment to be found on the pier of Scheveningen!