International Film Festival Assen

International Film Festival Assen

Mar 10, 2023Mar 12, 2023
De Nieuwe Kolk (DNK), Weiersstraat 1, 9401 ET
Various prices

International Film Festival Assen (IFA) is an annual three-day film festival that gathers together an impressive, up-to-date programme of films, fosters talent with its film competitions, and strengthens the position of female film directors.

As well as showing a diverse range of international films, there’s usually a side programme full of presentations, interviews and workshops, plus music performances and art exhibitions.

Fostering female filmmakers at IFA

IFA is one of the oldest film festivals with a feminist tradition in the whole of Europe, and what’s more, it’s the only one in the Netherlands with this special attribute. In 2020, IFA celebrated 40 years of what was established in 1980 as “Festival Vrouwenfilm." Over the years, IFA’s mission has grown and evolved, but the importance and relevance of supporting women in the film business has remained unchanged.

IFA firmly encourages women to claim space in the film industry - it's only natural that it would be scheduled to take place in the days leading up to International Women's Day!

Award-winning films shown at IFA

Two competitions are at the forefront of IFA: KersVers and Nordsterren. These films aim to strengthen growing talent, and winning the prizes is a prestigious honour. The prize-winning films are always shown at the festival.

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