International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam | IDFA

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam | IDFA

Nov 08, 2023Nov 19, 2023
Various venues

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) will once again be presenting an impressive programme of documentaries, discussions and lectures about the documentary film industry! 

IDFA in Amsterdam

IDFA, taking place each year in Amsterdam, is one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world. This year, around 300 titles will be shown, having being selected from more than 3.000 submissions. Along with offering filmmakers an incredible platform within the documentary industry, the public programme offers a valuable opportunity for audiences to see and be inspired by films that have a social impact.

Photo: Roos Trommelen, courtesy of IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA Netherlands

Programmes and awards at IDFA

IDFA is also known for their massive list of awards and prizes that involve both smaller productions and feature-length films. The feature-length documentary award is the coveted prize, but important awards also include mid-length documentary, IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary and IDFA Competition for First Appearance. Check out the key dates for IDFA on the IDFA website.

Get your tickets to International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Tickets are available on the IDFA website, which you can browse for more up-to-date information. See the full list of films that will be shown during IDFA.

Thumb photo: Thomas Schlijper, courtesy of IDFA