International Community Arts Festival

International Community Arts Festival

Feb 26, 2021Feb 27, 2021

International Community Arts Festival (ICAF), based in Rotterdam, is a temporary ecosystem of music, art, theatre, dance and film. This year, it comes to life as a free online event, streamed live from Rotterdam and Singapore.

Community art is a worldwide phenomenon, and ICAF is one of the leading festivals highlighting this fact. Watch the 2021 edition from anywhere in the world!

A community of artists from all over the world

Community arts practitioners from every continent gather in the online forum for this very special event, one that bridges the gap between professional artists and those who may not consider themselves as full-time artists, thereby celebrating the fact that the arts are for everyone.

This is a reciprocal sphere in which formally trained artists, musicians, actors and dancers take part in high-level performances with those who may not necessarily possess what is regarded as conventional training. The concept is something remarkable and sparks unique kinds of aesthetics, expressions and creativity.

International Community Arts Festival performance

The theme of the 2020 edition - which had to be cancelled due to coronavirus - was “Vision”, and that is perhaps as important a theme as ever in 2021. Vision can have many meanings, from one of the five senses, to envisioning concepts and ideas as a road to creativity. In corona times, vision is very appropriate as a theme, as we gain new perspectives of a life lived under unusual conditions.

The virtual festival days are packed full of theatre and dance performances, music concerts and story circles. There are also in-depth discussions, informal talk shows and inspiring forums in which to share ideas.

Visit ICAF online

ICAF takes place online and you can stream the sessions completely for free. Keep in mind the different time zones, because this year's festival is being streamed from both the Netherlands and Singapore! Browse the detailed festival programme on the ICAF website, choose which events to attend online and start streaming from the comfort of home.

International Community Arts Festival Rotterdam

International Community Arts Festival ICAF Rotterdam

Images: courtesy of ICAF Rotterdam