The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

Nov 01, 2023Nov 05, 2023
Podium Mozaïek
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The International Amsterdam Storytelling Festival brings some of the best contemporary spoken word artists, authors and storytellers from across the globe to Amsterdam for a week of engaging tales! Get your tickets now!

Discover the full programme of The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2023. From November 1-5, storytellers, musicians and troubadours from all around the world will gather in Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam West to share their unique perspectives about subjects that matter, this time centred around the theme of liberation.

Storytelling and liberation The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival banner

The search for liberation battles the boundaries of race, social injustice, sexual prejudice or just the limitations of our own mind. What does it mean to be free? Can the art of storytelling inspire us in finding new ways of thinking about that?

This year there will be a lot of music weaving through the festival. Creative directors Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani want to dive deeper into the connection of the art disciplines music and storytelling. So, look forward to some great moments where you can dance it all out and clap your hands until it hurts. You can also expect moments where not only stories, but music as well, may bring you to tears.

Rodan (1980, Israel) and Sahebdivani (1980, Iran) are well known names in the storytelling scene and they both perform worldwide. They developed some shows together, amongst which is the prize winning work, My Father Held a Gun. Each year since 2018, when leaves start to fall, they programme the five-day The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival with a wide range of international and national performances.

They are known for programming pieces that stretch the conventional boundaries of storytelling, and star both established names and emerging talent. Want to have a taste? Here is a small throwback to the opening night of 2022.

A festival filled with thought-provoking stories

Come and experience a festival filled with thought-provoking shows, inspiring workshops and meaningful talks. For the weekend, day passes are available, so you can stay all day. Expect five days of fun and excitement! And, there will be a moment when you sit on one of the oriental carpets with a glass of wine or cup of tea where you find time to really think about what liberation means to you.

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival programme

For the full programme and tickets, check out the official website. Here are some highlights of this year’s programme:

Betal Özay - Goodbye Erdogan 

  • This Fringe winner shows the depths of the Turkish courthouse
  • Sunday, November 1 - 8pm

Aryeh Hasfari | My Phantom Limb

  • In face of disaster, what will you be willing to sacrifice?…
  • Thursday, November 2 - 9.30pm

Sheila Arnold - Ties that Bind

  • An ode to family, love and faith
  • Friday, November 3 - 10pm

Zwerm & Walpurgis - Lalaei

  • Discover the unexpected dark side of lullabies
  • Saturday, November 4 -6pm

Fer Rodil - Pampa’s Pride 

  • Life story disguised as a movie pitch
  • Saturday, November 4 - 8.15pm

Aindrias de Staic - By the light of the Silvery Moon 

  • A night of wild Irish wit, humour and irreverence
  • Saturday, November 4 - 10pm

Len Cabral - Stories of Color from Around the World 

  • Liberating and colourful stories from a very experienced storyteller
  • Sunday, November 5 - 3pm

Betal Özay - Goodbye Erdogan 

  • This Fringe winner shows the depths of the Turkish courthouse
  • Sunday, November 5 - 5pm

Shushiki Band & Raphael Rodan - Shades of a Mountain 

  • A search for the crack in the heart of Armenian songs, including live sculpting 
  • Sunday, November 5 - 8pm

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

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