International Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

International Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

Nov 02, 2022Nov 06, 2022
Podium Mozaïek
Various prices

The International Amsterdam Storytelling Festival  brings some of the best contemporary spoken word artists, authors and storytellers from across the globe to Amsterdam for a week of engaging tales!

Storytelling around Amsterdam

Already in its 12th edition, the International Storytelling Festival offers something refreshing to the Dutch scene. By combining both local Dutch artists and international guests, the events remind audiences of times past when the spoken word was the main way in which knowledge, history and traditions were passed on from generation to generation. 

Addressing a range of topics, the performances are both animated and captivating. In 2022, the event will take place at the Podium Mozaïek. Join for a workshop, hear a story and enjoy the refreshing art of a bygone era during the International Storytellers Festival!

English selection of storytellers

The selection of storytellers telling their stories in English include Thyson Miguel, Jack Docherty, Lara Ricote, Wabi Sabi, Sipan Sezgin Tekin, Raphael Rodan & Peter Chand, Marijin Vissers, Raffi Feghali, Sia Cyrroes, Rachel Rose Reid and more.

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