India Dance Festival at Korzo Theatre

India Dance Festival at Korzo Theatre

Oct 19, 2018Nov 03, 2018
Prinsestraat 42, 2513 CE
The Hague

India Dance Festival at Korzo Theatre

Each year in October, Korzo theatre celebrates the richness of Indian dance and culture at the India Dance Festival, ranging from Kathak to urban and from Bharatanatyam to contemporary dance.

A rare glimpse into inspiring Indian dance

Because of its unique identity and the growing interest from artists and audiences, the India Dance Festival has become one of the most important European manifestations for Indian dance.

In an intimate setting, inspiring dance performances by renowned international artists as well as refreshing in-house productions are put on. The performances give audiences in the Netherlands a rare glimpse at masters of their craft.

Indian culture at the Korzo theatre

This extraordinary dance festival at the Korzo theatre is one of the most important European happenings regarding Indian dance, due to the great interest it receives from both artists, press and visitors, as well as the diverse and unique selection of dance styles. Top performances are accompanied by lectures, films and workshops.

Korzo has a reputation for being an adventurous venue in the old city centre of The Hague, but also for being one of the largest production houses for the dance in the Netherlands.

India Dance Festival programme highlights

The programme of India Dance Festival is all-encompassing in its scope. Programme highlights include:

[October 19-21] Opening Weekend

The opening ritual of this year’s India Dance Festival is Utsav, a programme based on Thali; a dish filled with various delights. A plethora of dancers and musicians, who will appear during the festival, will present a teaser performance introducing their talent.

The opera Satyagraha by the world renowned composer Philip Glass is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of peaceful resistance. The composer gave permission to Korzo and Kwekers in de Kunst to perform this opera in a new setting with Indian contemporary dance.

The scintillating richness of Indian dance in the Netherlands is celebrated with the XL edition of Colours of India: a diverse evening with an array of classical, modern, fusion and naturally Bollywood film dance. Colours of India opens its doors for dancers, schools and companies from the entire country.


[October 23-28] Indian Heritage Week

The highly esteemed award-winning dancer and choreographer Malavika Sarukkai presents this truly spectacular ensemble piece. In Thari – The Loom, Malavika Sarukkai is inspired by the sari, the traditional piece of clothing worn by women, focusing on both weaving and dancing.

Having achieved celebrity status in India, Rukmini Vijayakumar has her own take on Bharatanatyam, bringing this age-old dance form into a contemporary context. Two traditional Bharatanatyam dances are at the centre of the world premiere on October 25. 

[October 31-November 3] Closing week - spotlight on Dutch developments

Dutch-Indian collaboration will be centre stage during the final days of the India Dance Festival. World premieres grace the stages, with Poernima Gobardhan, Indu Panday’s Devi-lish! and Kalpana Raghuraman’s Superhuman: Our darkness. Catch Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer in concert together with table player Heiko Dijker.


Club Bombay

During the festival, alongside all the spectacular performances, Club Bombay offers films, post-performance talks, meet and greets and educational workshops.

During the festival you can take part in dance workshops of varying levels, from introductory to advanced levels. Workshops include Bharatanatyam dance, movement class, Kalaripayattu and Vedic cooking.

Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art form with healing qualities. This workshop will give participants the basic movements, how to play with your body's limits and create awareness of your surroundings.

In the Introduction Indian Dance workshop with dance instructor Jolanda Boejharat, participants discover a new world of dance during an accessible open level workshop.

Book your tickets to India Dance

The tickets to India Dance festival are available on the India Dance Festival website.