IMPRO Amsterdam

IMPRO Amsterdam

Feb 17, 2024Feb 24, 2024
Zonnehuis Theater, Zonneplein 30, 1033 EK

The international festival IMPRO Amsterdam is ready to make you laugh! IMPRO Amsterdam brings the best of the improv world together in one lively festival in Amsterdam, with 22 shows and more than 40 workshops!

Improvised theatre

Just like its name suggests, improvised theatre is all made up on the spot! Get immersed in unscripted theatre ranging from tear-jerking drama to hilarious comedy. Besides the main performances, there is much more to experience, such as the daily late-night show with new acting concepts, an open stage and free IMPRO talks.

Believe it or not, everything is improvised, making every night another big surprise! What happens on stage also depends on the audience. Help the actors by giving them exciting, impossible, or challenging suggestions to act out!



IMPRO workshops

Improvisational theatre is a lot of fun to watch, but it’s even more fun to have a go yourself. A great variety of workshops are on offer during the festival, all taught by international actors.

This year's festival offers over 40 different workshops! There are workshops for all levels, from novices to the more advanced, on subjects such as duo-impro, physical comedy or simply being a daredevil on stage.

Get your tickets

Get your IMPRO Amsterdam tickets online in advance. You can buy tickets to separate shows or workshops, or you can buy a full festival pass to see multiple events throughout the festival.

Thumb photo credit: Erondell via Shutterstock