Illustrada Festival

Illustrada Festival

Jun 15, 2024Jun 24, 2024

Are you ready for an impressive (and free!) outdoor digital art exhibition in Tilburg? At Pieter Vreedeplein, Tilburg train station and many other locations in Tilburg city centre, digital art will be on display for 10 days as part of the open air digital art event known as Illustrada Festival. Plan your trip and see great art for free! 

Illustrada flips the concept of digital art on its axis, with digital art celebrated in a fully physical exhibition, where visitors can walk around and enjoy the artworks up close in a public space!

Photo: © Illustrada Festival Illustrada Festival of digital art Tilburg

Digital art is a dynamic and expansive discipline, and very often, the artworks get buried in the deep recesses of the internet. That's why this event is not only refreshing for art-lovers who have missed going to physical events in the past year, but it’s also a very rewarding platform for digital artists to have their works displayed in physical printed form!

Illustrada Festival locations

The captivating digital art will be exhibited in the open air, in the following locations in downtown Tilburg:

  • Pieter Vreedeplein
  • Art Market
  • Heuvel 
  • Tilburg train station

Get ready to enjoy digital art at Illustrada Festival

Check out the Illustrada Festival website, where you'll find a useful map of the open-air exhibition, making it easy for visitors to follow along the route and find all the artworks in the city of Tilburg. What are you waiting for? The festival is completely free!

Photo: © Illustrada Festival Illustrada Festival of digital art Netherlands

Thumb photo: © Illustrada Festival