IamExpat Webinar: How to Buy a House in The Hague & Rotterdam

IamExpat Webinar: How to Buy a House in The Hague & Rotterdam

May 25, 2023
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The next IamExpat Webinar is presented by Hugo Voets, Tom Gulje, and Wil Jansen of @WORK Real Estate on May 25 at 7pm. Register now (it's free!)

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WORK Real Estate webinar

Are you an expat looking to buy a property? Feeling overwhelmed and stressed about buying a house? Searching for your new home in The Hague or Rotterdam, but unfamiliar with the region? Then this housing webinar is perfect for you!

Join us on May 25 at 7pm to learn how to buy a house in South Holland with the experts from @WORK Real Estate. Wil Jansen and his team of qualified property experts will teach you everything you need to know about the process of buying a home in the Netherlands. They’ll explain the financial, tax, legal and practical considerations involved when buying a property and guide you through the process from start to finish. They will also share helpful tips and insights about the real estate markets in The Hague and Rotterdam region.

Sign up to learn the answers to these and other important questions about the Dutch real estate market:

  • How to discover the true value of a property
  • How to make the right bid for a house
  • How to assess if the foundation of a house is safe
  • Can you overbid if your equity can’t cover the amount?
  • And more!

This workshop will be hosted by Wil Jansen. Wil is a registered real estate agent since 2000. He is a modern real estate agent who understands the modern wants and needs of his clients. Wil is the director of @WORK Real Estate.

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