IamExpat Webinar: An Expat Guide to the Dutch Housing Market

IamExpat Webinar: An Expat Guide to the Dutch Housing Market

Aug 01, 2023
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The next IamExpat Webinar is presented by Financial Consultancy Holland and M&D Real Estate on August 1 at 6pm. Register now (it's free!)

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IamExpat Webinar Expat Guide to the Dutch Housing Market

Your guide to the Dutch housing market

Dreaming of owning a home in the Netherlands but not sure where to start? Achieving your dream of home ownership is possible! Learn everything you need to know about the Dutch housing market with this free webinar hosted by Financial Consultancy Holland and M&D Real Estate.

In this webinar, licensed mortgage advisor Milad Talebi Pour from Financial Consultancy Holland and certified Real Estate agent Danish Rahamat from M&D Real Estate will team up to help you get on the Dutch property ladder. They'll delve into the process of applying for a mortgage, the challenges expats face when applying, how to overcome these obstacles, and how to navigate the Dutch housing market.

Milad and Danish will cover several key topics such as:

  • Important things to consider before applying for a mortgage
  • How to choose the right mortgage for your specific needs
  • The impact of world events and economic conditions on mortgage interest rates
  • The prices of properties and expectations for in the future
  • The advantages of hiring an estate agent
  • If it's possible to buy a property to rent in the Netherlands

Join them on August 1 at 6pm to have all of your Dutch housing questions answered and to learn more!

Milad Talebi Pour and Danish Rahamat are both licensed professionals with extensive experience in the Dutch market. They've helped many expats successfully navigate through the mortgage application process and buy property in the Netherlands.

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