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I-BET Recruitment Event

May 16, 2017May 17, 2017
Erasmus University Campus
12,50 (ISR members 5, early-birds 7,50)

International Students Rotterdam is hosting a one-of-a-kind gathering with great career opportunities.

I-BET Recruitment Event

The I-BET Recruitment Event is a go-between for a number of diverse companies and ambitious international students, aimed at helping them discover one another in the search for internships and entry-level jobs.

This way, companies will be able to explore the pool of ambitious internationals among the students of Rotterdam, in their search to innovate and expand their various functions.

I-BET stands for "ISR Boosts Exceptional Talent", and is dedicated to enabling enterprises to find driven students who are starting their professional endeavours.

Great programme for internationals

I-BET helps students from a multitude of backgrounds, sure to increase diversity and stimulate development in the attending firms.

The students themselves are sure to benefit as well, with a plethora of opportunities and special activities to learn more about their possibilities.

The programme has much to offer for the determined student: workshops, information lectures, case competitions and more.

There will also be valuable lectures by organisations such as the Immigration and Naturalization service (IND), who will be talking about possibilities to extend a visa after the end of your studies.

Networking session

The activities are rounded up by an extensive networking session with the representatives of the various companies. The day could lead to a first internship, traineeship or entry-level job in the Netherlands.

Prices include all activities, as well as lunch, coffee or tea, and drinks at the end of the day.

Connecting students to companies

Last year, ISR connected around 80 students with companies such as DELL and Eastman. To see which companies will be attending this year, keep an eye on the ISR Facebook Page.

Join ISR

For 3 euros a year, you can become a member of International Students Rotterdam and receive discounts on their events and other activities.