Humanity House Open Air Cinema

Humanity House Open Air Cinema

Aug 02, 2018Aug 30, 2018
Humanity House, Prinsengracht 8, 2512 GA
The Hague
8,50 euros

For five weeks in a row, starting on August 2, Humanity House Open Air Cinema in The Hague presents inspiring documentary films outdoors.

Documentary movie favourites

The Humanity House outdoor terrace welcomes you to enjoy this series of thought-provoking, moving and prolific documentaries from around the world. These movies are favourites of the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), which is the world’s largest documentary film festival.


The five films are:

[August 2] Watani: My Homeland

This documentary focuses on a woman and her four young children who live in a devastated part of Aleppo, Syria. They are inevitably forced to flee, and they successfully find a new home in a small German town, but without the father who has fallen into the hands of Islamic State.

Despite all the violence and threats, the protagonists of Watani: My Homeland go about their everyday life and adapt to their new surroundings, but tragically the woman hears no news about the father of her four children.


[August 9] Before Summer Ends

A feel-good film about friendship set against the backdrop of the French countryside, this film sees three Iranian men enjoying a road trip together before one of them decides to move back to Iran after five years of living in France. Before Summer Ends is about fitting in and standing out, about cultural differences and life-changing decisions.


[August 16] Amal

During the Egyptian revolution, Amal, a 14-year-old girl, participates in the riots. The filmmaker follows her from these events through the next four years to when she is 18. Amal is a coming-of-age story, showing major changes and hectic developments in Egypt and in Amal’s life.

[August 8] Golden Dawn Girls

The extreme right-wing political party in Greece, known as Golden Dawn, is often in the news for its nationalism and xenophobia. The filmmaker of Golden Dawn Girls, Håvard Bestnes follows around some of the women of the party, including the wife of one of the main men in Golden Dawn.  

[August 30] The Other Side of Everything

The director Mila Turajlic won the award for Best Feature-Length Documentary for this film during IDFA in 2017. The Other Side of Everything shows the influence of political turmoil on Mila and her mother, who is the interviewee filmed in her apartment for almost the entire film.

Mila’s mother lived through the communist regime, the civil war and the breakup of Yugoslavia, having a prominent role as an activist.


Plan your movie night at Humanity House

Book your ticket in advance. Standard tickets are 8,50 euros and can be bought online on the Humanity House website

The films start at sunset, which is around 9.30pm. If there happens to be rain, the films will be shown in the Geneva Room. Drinks and snacks are served on the terrace during the movie.