HUiD | contemporary dance performance on the theme of skin

HUiD | contemporary dance performance on the theme of skin

Apr 17, 2018
Korte Voorhout 3 2511 CW
The Hague
10 euros to 24,50 euros

HUiD, meaning Skin, is an innovative visual and musical performance on the theme of skin at Het Nationale Theater. The performance explores the ideas of skin contact, tactility and rhythmic touch.

HUiD is a musical and visual performance by Schweigman& in collaboration with percussionists from the renowned ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag. It’s directed by Boukje Schweigman and set design is by Theun Mosk, to a musical composition by Arnoud Noordegraaf in close collaboration with the percussionists.

Why skin?

In many cultures, percussion instruments have played an important part in musical life, and has continued and evolved right up to the present day, in the Western world and beyond, both in high culture and in pop culture. Many drums consist of stretched animal skin or a synthetic equivalent, which is struck or stroked by the drummer.

This genre-bending performance takes this simple idea and contrasts it with human skin in its unaltered form on the human body.


About the performers

Schweigman& is an Utrecht-based theatre company led by Boukje Schweigman who brings playful and penetrating performances to audiences internationally. Schweigman&'s performances are often reminiscent of rituals and sensory experiences, to bring the spectator beyond the norm.

Slagwerk Den Haag is a cutting edge internationally renowned percussion ensemble based in The Hague. They are noted for their versatility, praised by the New York Times as a “dazzling percussion group, similarly combined virtuosity and theatricality.” 

Book your tickets

You can book your tickets on the website of the National Theatre, The Hague. Tickets range from 10 euros to 24,50 euros and the performance lasts approximately 80 minutes. Find out more about HUiD on the Schweigman& website.