Leadership Seminar: The Stairway to Commitment

Leadership Seminar: The Stairway to Commitment

Jan 22, 2024
CKC Theater, Leidsewallen 80, 2722 PC
195 euros

Imagine you are going through a significant change process and need full commitment. As the driver of behavioural change, you have a clear vision and a well-defined plan for the future. You are firmly leading the way.

However, the rest of your team is waiting and continuously raising questions. Your patience is being put to the test.

How do you get your team on board?

That is exactly what you will discover during this seminar! Jan van Setten will explain how you can guide your team through the various phases of behavioural change with crystal-clear management. You’ll learn how to effectively engage your team and how to recognise and address resistance, resulting in full commitment.

Is this seminar interesting for me?

  • Are you a (project)leader, manager or motivator who wants to know more about behavioural change? Then: YES!
  • Do you need simple, highly effective and practical tools to get your people involved in a natural way? Then: YES!
  • Do you regularly have meetings and contacts in English, and are you managing a certain change or project? Then: YES

Jan van Setten

What can you expect? 

Let yourself be informally and professionally inspired by Jan van Setten to take control in a way that is sure to be appreciated by your team, colleagues and customers. You will gain insights into the fundamental principles underlying all challenges. Discover effective strategies for addressing various levels of resistance. And additionally, you'll explore ways to enhance the most crucial catalyst for progress: trust!

Jan van Setten is one of the most sought-after speakers and management authors in the Netherlands

Jan van Setten's book "The Stairway To Commitment" is one of the best-selling Dutch management books, which has now been translated into English. Jan is known for his no-nonsense approach, and his audience is guaranteed to be on the edge of their seats. No one leaves the room without an insight or an idea they can immediately use.

For example, is everybody always motivated? Watch the video below:

Practical details

  • Date: Monday, January 22, 2024
  • Time: 1.30pm-5pm
  • Location: CKC Theater, Zoetermeer
  • Language: English
  • Special Price: 195 euros

Price is including taxes and the first English edition of the book "The Stairway To Commitment". Find more details on The Stairway to Commitment seminar page

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