Haute Photographie

Haute Photographie

Feb 08, 2023Feb 12, 2023
Keilestraat 9
Tickets starting from 13,50 euros

Haute Photographie is a fresh new photography fair centred around a group exhibition, ranging from the most pre-eminent names in photography to up-and-coming photographers.

Photography of the highest calibre

The fair gathers together a select few international galleries of the highest calibre, showcasing outstanding photography masterpieces, as well as providing a platform for new talent in photography. In collaboration with Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, Haute Photographie also offers a fascinating programme.

There's an educational programme, a high-quality book market, talks by top photographers, speciality guided tours and, of course, outstanding art photography. Browse the Haute Photographie website to check out the participating galleries and artists.

Haute Photographie is a meeting place for artists, curators and collectors of all levels of experience, as well as anybody interested in photography. It is held during Art Rotterdam Week, which typically attracts 35.000 visitors. 

Haute Talent Programme

 “A boutique photography fair, with the allure of a museum”

The Haute Talent Programme was established in 2017 to champion the work of new up-and-coming photographers, bringing a special dedicated focus to photographers who have just begun their careers or who have recently graduated from art academies.

The head of the Haute Talent Programme: "The Netherlands has a strong photographic heritage that has brought forth many legendary artists, and the Haute Talent programme shows that the future of Dutch photography is looking bright.”

Haute Photographie exhibition times

The opening times of Haute Photographie are as follows:

  • Wednesday, February 8: Grand opening (invitation only)
  • Thursday, February 9: 10am until 6pm
  • Friday, February 10: 10am until 6pm
  • Saturday, February 11: 10am until 6pm
  • Sunday, February 12: 10am until 5pm

Get your tickets

Standard adult day tickets cost 15 euros, but they are 13,50 for pre-sale tickets. Get your Haute Photographie tickets on the website.


Header image: BILENBILEN, courtesy of Haute Talent, Haute Photographie