The Hague Cocktail Week

The Hague Cocktail Week

Oct 02, 2020Oct 11, 2020
Various locations
The Hague

The Hague Cocktail Week

Experience the wizardry of cocktail mixologists in The Hague, with anything from a Manhattan to a Mojito or a gin and tonic to a Daquiri. The Hague Cocktail Week runs citywide from October 2-11, 2020, featuring an exciting range of cocktails in all kinds of great bars. The venues in The Hague include a handful of city-centre bars as well as a few bars on the beach.

Premium cocktails in The Hague

As well as cocktails, there will also be masterclasses, tasting sessions and at selected restaurants, you'll even find 20% off food. Premium brands of gin, vodka, rum, vermouth, tequila and other spirits will be making an appearance, along with fruity mixers, spices and garnishes to add a touch of sophistication and flair. 

The Netherlands is renowned for its beer, but it also has a famous distilled drink called jenever. We wonder if the juniper-flavoured spirit will make an appearance.

Participating bars

There are so many amazing bars in The Hague that are offering exciting cocktails during The Hague Cocktail Week. Venues include

  • BierBarry
  • Blaze & Co
  • Bleyenberg
  • Bricks
  • Burrata Kortenaerkade
  • Gallery 61
  • Gold Bar
  • The Gyros Club
  • Hendriks Fish & Drinks
  • Hofhouse
  • Kaai 13
  • De Kleine Prins
  • Mercure
  • Minglemush
  • De Pier & Little Cuba
  • Publique
  • Restaurant Basaal
  • Restaurant Bar Ethica
  • Restaurant La Rana
  • Shelby Public House
  • Spark The Hague
  • Steam

Plan your night out during The Hague Cocktail Week

Plan your night on the town at The Hague Cocktail Week. All promotional cocktails are available at an 8 euros discount. Check out the details on The Hague Cocktail Week website..

Enjoy the drinks sensibly and remember that taking public transport home is highly recommended.