Speaking with Impact Workshop

Speaking with Impact Workshop

Sep 19, 2018
Great Spaces, Commelinstraat 2, 1093 TR

Speaking with Impact is a workshop organised by Great Communicators. In this workshop, you will make a giant leap forward in your communication and presentation confidence. As a result, you will make more of an impact as a public speaker. Take your first steps now: Join the Speaking with Impact workshop.

Unleash your story

Great Communicators believes that the time has come for sharing new ideas, robust solutions, and powerful visions. They have experienced that people and teams make an impact if they are communicating from their own strength. It often goes wrong because, for example, people are not telling their own story, are affected by numerous impediments, or do not have the faintest idea about which skillset to use to make an impact. Great Communicators will help you unleash your story!

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Learn how to make more of an impact

Speaking in front of a group of people in a relaxed manner with a good and compelling story. You know exactly where to place the emphasis so that it sticks. Your preparation is thorough and you know how to manage the stress associated with a performance. In fact, you turn stress into focus. You can be yourself in front of a group and you make a big impression. You are capable of conveying your message authentically and clearly.

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More than tips and tricks

Many presentation training courses only focus on the performance aspect. You learn tips and tricks for expressing yourself more effectively. This is essential, but Great Communicators goes two steps further. You see, Speaking with Impact is about your identity. The stronger you feel, the more powerful your message is. Hence the Speaking with Impact course consisting of three elements: Performance, Psychology and Presence. These elements are interwoven throughout the whole course.

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Workshop Speaking with Impact - by Great Communicators

Great Communicators believes that clear and powerful communication with yourself and others is the quickest route to personal growth. That is why all our different training programmes have the same focus: powerful communication.

Do you want to get to know Great Communicators? Join one of the open workshops Speaking with Impact in Amsterdam!

During this workshop, the Public Speaking Coaches, Joni Bais or Julika Marijn, will teach you the basic elements of the Speaking with Impact course. Great Communicators believes that speaking with impact is something you can learn and they will help you acquire the skills that will make you a powerful communicator.

The main goal of this workshop is to show you how valuable it is to become a better speaker and they will give you some extra information about what the 2-day course Speaking with Impact can do for you personally.

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