The Golden Coach | exhibition at Amsterdam Museum

The Golden Coach | exhibition at Amsterdam Museum

Jun 18, 2021Feb 27, 2022
Amsterdam Museum, Kalverstraat 92, 1012 PH
20 euros for adults, free admission for children under 18

With King Willem-Alexander announcing that the Golden Coach will not be used for the time being, the carriage will be displayed in a glass enclosure in the Amsterdam Museum courtyard until February 28.

History of the Gouden Koets

The Golden Coach - known as the Gouden Koets in Dutch - was a gift from the city of Amsterdam to Queen Wilhelmina on the occasion of her inauguration in 1898. At the time, 18-year-old Wilhelmina was to become the country's first queen. 

But, ahead of her inauguration, Wilhelmina had proclaimed she would accept no gifts. So, it wasn't until 1901 that the coach was officially handed over to the Dutch Royal Family, and it was used for the first time at Wilhelmina's wedding to Prince Hendrik in February 1901.

More recently the carriage has been used at other royal ceremonial events, such as Prince's Day (Prinsjesdag) which takes place every September in The Hague when the Dutch government presents its budget for the next year. The Golden Coach remains a symbol of much controversy due to its associations with the Netherlands' colonial past.

The Golden Coach exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum

Now, the coach has been loaned to the Amsterdam Museum until February 2022, meaning that the amazing relic is back in the city that initially gave it to Queen Wilhelmina. In addition to the coach, the museum also highlights various stories about the Golden Coach. The Amsterdam Museum’s aim is to facilitate conversation and connect people through the dialogue of this beautiful piece.

The initial reaction of the piece has been nuanced in the sense that visitors consider the history and significance of the carriage; the museum will be presenting full research results later in the year.

Visit the Golden Coach today

In a special exhibition, the Golden Coach is displayed in a glass enclosure at the Amsterdam Museum. The courtyard doors are open every day from 10am to 4pm. See the official website for more information, as well as all information pertaining to COVID-19.