GLOW Light Festival

GLOW Light Festival

Nov 12, 2022Nov 19, 2022
6.30pm-11pm on Friday to Saturday; 6.30pm-10pm Monday to Thursday
Around the inner city

GLOW, the dynamic event of international allure attracts more and more visitors, both local and international, every year!

"Light art" at GLOW

GLOW Eindhoven is a "light art" festival that provides a platform for artists, designers and architects who are working with light. Illuminated expositions in public spaces that interact with the city view and audience will pop up all around Eindhoven. Every year, around 750.000 visitors come to see the sights. Several artists will be creating bright installations, sculptures, projections and performances.

Eindhoven’s connection to light

GLOW started in 2006 to show Eindhoven's strong connection to light. Symbolically, light stands for innovation and ideas. In the city of Eindhoven, high-standing technology and breath-taking design constantly hit the streets. In a more literal sense, Eindhoven was the home of the Philips light-bulb production plant and many other light-related companies.

Visit the GLOW route

These light art projects are all connected by a free 6km walking route, starting at the Stationsplein, leading past the Philips Stadium and back to the city centre via the Stadhuisplein. GLOW is happening from 6.30pm until 11pm on Fridays to Sundays during the festival. From Monday to Thursday it will run from 6.30pm until 10pm.


GLOW Eindhoven will be rounded off with GLOW Run, a 5km fun run that trails past the event’s beautiful artworks. Participating runners will be wearing all kinds of gadgets that light up, creating one long shining trail together.