Free online networking event with Projob

Free online networking event with Projob

Oct 18, 2022Dec 08, 2022

Projob is offering networking with recruiters and labour market specialists online - but still face-to-face - for expats and their partners. Expats often have to rely on networking for professional growth and recruitment opportunities, but if there are no chances to get together in person, what other options are there?

Networking with recruiters and labour market specialists online

Online networking typically involves using social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Projob conducts its online networking meetings via Zoom. This way everyone can see each other all together at the same time and exchange experiences, tips and knowledge about the labour market. For now, this is the closest Projob can get to networking the way they like best: face-to-face.

Are you interested in discovering more about the current Dutch labour market while expanding your network? If so, make sure you sign up for one of Projob’s expat network events! These events are free of charge and are hosted by two members of the Projob recruitment and coaching team. The Projob expat events are a great way to (e)meet expats, talk about the current job market, share tips, and of course, network. Register now!

Dates and times

Projob limits the number of participants per meeting to 15 so it may be that your preferred date is already full. In this case, they will offer you another date.

  • 10.30am-11.30am on Thursday, November 17
  • 4pm-5pm on Thursday, December 8

Join Projob’s House of International Careers (HIC) Facebook group

Become a member of Projob’s new Facebook group "House of International Careers". Here you'll be able to find information about the Dutch job market, (network) meetings, events, vacancies, workshops and training. In this group, you can ask for feedback, as well as ask questions, but also help each other with tips or to socialise and network.

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