Free online art lesson for kids aged 10+

Free online art lesson for kids aged 10+

Aug 10, 2021Dec 31, 2021
Wednesdays – Fridays – Saturdays
Studio Jocelyn - Online
First lesson is free (14 euros per lesson after the first one)

Sign up for a free trial art lesson in the digital art studio. Contact Studio Jocelyn and book a date that suits you and join in a super cool creative art project!

Who can join?

If your kids are at least 10 years old and enjoy drawing, painting and creating beautiful pieces of art, then sign them up for this free trial art lesson in the online art studio. They don’t need a lot of experience. During the online art lessons, everything is done step-by-step so everybody can follow along.


Where do they meet?

The regular art lessons are once a week in the online art studio. You log in with Zoom and meet each other there! No matter where you are in the world (time zone permitting) you can join in the online art lessons.

You can join from the comfort of your own home or even from your holiday destination. As long as you have access to the internet and your art materials you can follow along. 

How do the lessons work?

The art lessons are about an hour long. Studio Jocelyn uses a fabulous gadget called the Light Pad. This helps everybody draw the same subject together, really accurately. 

They use different materials every two months so that the kids get to experiment with different art materials. You can order your art materials through the Studio Jocelyn website and they get delivered to your door within a few days. 

  • Each lesson costs 14 euros per child, paid on a monthly basis. 
  • During the art lessons, English is spoken, and sometimes a little Dutch to help the students in the Netherlands.

What kind of art projects will you make?

Special offer: Enrol before the end of August 2021 for the new art season starting in September and get the first two art lessons free

Every lesson is different - there's a new project every week. For example, you could be drawing an optical illusion by Escher or the sunflowers by Van Gogh. You can paint spacey galaxies and tropical sunsets, landscapes, animals and much more.

Studio Jocelyn teaches you how to draw perspective, portraits, cartoons, colour mixing to name but a few subjects. You'll explore different kinds of art materials such as watercolour, acrylic and oil paint, brush pens, pastels, charcoal, ink and coloured pencils and many more! 

When are the regular art lessons?

The regular art lessons are every week on:

  • Wednesdays: 4pm
  • Fridays: 4pm and 5pm
  • Saturdays: 2pm and 3.30pm

The free trial lesson can be booked any time! Enrol before the end of August 2021 for the new art season starting in September and get the first two art lessons free! 

Why your kids will benefit from these online art lessons

  1. Creating drawings and paintings improves fine motor skills.
  2. Learn new drawing and painting techniques will develop their artistic skills.
  3. Learning how to draw and paint teaches kids problems solving abilities. Kids learn how to think out of the box and resolve problems.
  4. Get personal feedback on their art projects!
  5. The students are a creative bunch of like-minded kids! They encourage each other in the Studio Jocelyn global online community where artwork and ideas are shared. 
  6. Meet new creative friends around the world!
  7. Gain confidence! When kids see how they are improving and progressing, it will give them a boost of confidence! 
  8. Create a portfolio. If your kids are considering further education in art they will need to build and expand their portfolio. During the art lessons, you can help develop a well-rounded body of work and make their portfolio a real eye-catcher!
  9. Having fun! Creating something with your own hands is fun! It makes us feel happy!

Take a sneak peek into the online art studio:

Connect with Studio Jocelyn 

On the Studio Jocelyn Facebook and Instagram pages, there are art tutorials that you can try out at home! See all the wonderful pieces of artwork by the students in the online gallery.  Studio Jocelyn

Tap into the Studio Jocelyn Youtube channel and join in some of their art tutorials! They have specials on Mother’s / Father’s day gift crafts, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, make your own portfolio, phone cases, paper speaker set, and many drawing and painting art projects and so much more… 

On the Studio Jocelyn website, you'll find interesting articles about art, education, inspiration and special offers on their online art lessons. 

Sign up for a free online art lesson

Sign up today for a free online art lesson by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Limited places are available. 



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